Saturday, 14 May 2011


My latest photomanipulation, Confetti Trumpet [more info here]

Now is the time to attack this blog!

OK. Our final exam for the first semester finished a long time ago [blimey, it has just been 5 days, but it feels like a very long time!]. It is good to be free after all those quizzes [we had lots of them in just one month!], finishing our syllabus [UiTM and IPG have different calendars, and we were way behind our syllabus in some courses], and exam-related things [reading the books, reading PowerPoint slides, reading Facebook].

For the examination, I hope I did well. The tutors said not to leave any part in blanks, and thank God, I didn’t do it. Some subjects, for instance Philosophy of Education, and Guidance and Counselling, were a little bit tough, especially for the essays. Many essay questions needed us to answer them with writings around 1-1½ or 2 pages. So, if you have ideas on what to write, you are lucky, if you don’t, you’re not so lucky… Haha.

Now I just need to wait for the arrival of 28th May. That’s the time when my AirAsia [MY AirAsia?...] flight will take me home, well two flights to be exact, BKI à KUL, KUL à TGG, and they cost me one month’s value of allowance. Duh~!

[And yeah, another thing that I’ll wait during the holiday… the exam’s result… Gosh!]

[Now back to my photomanipulations, and some personal essays!]

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Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

nice photomanip!

Afiq said...

Sankyu, Kak Yuki~! >.<

Nadirah Jannah said...

ohoho~ when did you do the BBQ?

Afiq said...

9th of April, the last day of our exam... heheh~!