Friday, 20 May 2011

Macdepp: the Theatre

I just want to declare something: the juniors’ stage-play:
Was super awesome!

Organising a stage-play is a part of the English Studies [for non-IPG students out there, it’s Literature] course and all PPISMP [foundation] TESLians are required to do it.

Macdepp was an adaptation of the famous Shakespearean play, Macbeth. So, why Macbeth suddenly became Macdepp? Well, the juniors did something different this year. They added the local Sabahan and Sarawakian flavour to the drama. Really different and I must say, they staged it pretty awesome! I like the change of perspective, from the Western POV to Borneo POV.

Now, in-depth analysis of Macdepp.

First the actors and actresses.

Depp [yeah, that’s the real nickname of the protagonist] as Macdepp – I really, really like his Cockney-sounding accent [Cockney accent is the Londoners’ accent]. Yes, Macdepp was supposed to a Borneo guy, but it was okay, bah! Über performance from Deafey, and I like the fight and the way he showed his emotions. Santiana as Lady Macdepp. She was the GIRL! Super multi-talented girl – she can dance, she can sing, and NOW?! She can definitely act. Love every bit of passion and emotion that she evoked. She could be really evil, and annoying, and downright funny. For the rest of the casts, you guys did an amazing job, especially the Bobohizans. The Bobohizans, they were like, wooow, were born to be Bobohizans – scary and humorous at the same time. Not to mention, they added the Sabahan taste with some Kadazan-Dusun speeches here and there. Of course, we faced the same problem with our dialogues – low volume, and the mikes kind of disrupting the flow with those many interferences. Still, I pretty much enjoyed every single act. Booyeah!

Next for the props and costumes and publicity.

One of the important aspects of a theatre is of course the props. How did Macdepp props department fare in the play? I guess if you want to hold some kind of themed party, they are the one that should be contacted. One month of preparation is short, but what they created was grandiose. You could feel the Sabah/Sarawak influences there. Even the background, it was biiggg! The costumes, I want one of those Kadazan-Dusun dresses, like super-bad! Beautifully made and they fitted the overall taste of Macdepp. Want to say kudos to both props and costumes department. The the publicists, you did an awesome job in designing the poster, brochures, everything. Like I said, super-cool poster! Awesomesauce!

The scriptwriters.

To fit the overall Borneo theme of Macdepp, of course some or many part of the Middle English language that Shakespeare used for Macbeth must be changed. The scriptwriter did it without diminishing the Shakespearean hint of the play. The occasional Sabahan dialogues, the dash of humour here and there, and sometimes, the dialogues were in modern English… haha. To fit to Borneo atmosphere more, we had Thane of Kudat, Thane of Bandar, Labuan, Sarawak, Tawau… really local Shakespeare play. To the scriptwriters, hands down, two thumbs up to you. You guys rock!

The overall reflection of Macdepp.

I really like the way they staged Macdepp. Even from the beginning, it felt like I was watching a movie, with the Behind the Scene video and really cool trailer. Love the music, especially! The tense started even in the beginning with the battle scene. I love the pleasure of watching the craziness of the Bobohizans [Bolly dance aite? Shakespeare would be rolling in his grave wherever that may be. Terrific!], and Lady Macdepp and Macdepp together. Both of them made a good couple… that can’t be denied. One thing is that this play made use of a number of videos to tell the story, really different, and good actually. The video of the scene when the killers are chasing Fleance and Bankoh [real name: Banquo] was super funny. One of my favourite video is the Brief Candle one – it shows photos of Macdepp and his lady together. Awww… The surprise was that Macdepp was a kind of a musical theatre in some parts – the actors sang songs to show their emotions. Wowser! Oh, one more thing, were you guys paid to show the clip of Cuti-Cuti Malaysia [Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan] as a commercial? Haha… The only thing that I was bothered about was that you guys should end it with more ‘OOMMMPPPPHHHHH!’ It’ll be nicer that way, but still… BRAVO~!!!

So guys, that’s all in my zuper-long rant about Macdepp. Granted, I may not be the best reviewer out there… haha. Anyway, I had a grand and fun and hilarious time watching [and photographing] Macdepp.


Favourite quote – Macdepp: it's better to be emo than to face the reality

[BTW, photos will be uploaded soon. Please put yourselves in the ‘waiting’ mode. Thank you.]

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Nadirah Jannah said...


Thanks for coming! I was really glad to see you and the rest of our dear seniors! Surely having fun throughout the show as much as how you have felt during that time. :D

p.s. How about publicity? :P

Afiq said...

Haha... Totally forget bout that one just now... Already added in the post... >.<

Yeap. Had an awesomesauce and fantastic time throughout the entire play!

Great job all of you!

Nadirah Jannah said...

:) It's okay. Accepting your reasons.

Oh, how I wish if other seniors also there to see it. :)

Ibrahim Ismail said...

@Nad: 'Other' as if 'me'? Just admit it.

@Afiq: Previously I wish I was there to support the juniors. Now, after reading your review, I wanted to be there! Apart from the ending, what else should they be improving for their next staging?

FarhaNezam said...

Thanks 4 coming!!
afiq.. can i share this entry with the others?

Afiq said...

Ummi: ^^

Farhan: You're welcome. Nice stage-play.
Yes, I'll be glad if you do so. ^^

Im: Haha... I'm sure most of the juniors wanted you to watch it, but it's okay.
Besides the ending, I think their voices, and background music. Sometimes, the BGM was louder than the actors' voices. Low lighting was another one, well, at least for the photographers of course... haha I think that's all. Apart from that, very nice showmanship! ^^

Anonymous said...

magosh! this review's gr8! thanks for comin' afiq :)
If you notice in the "life's brief candle" vid, we 4got to put our makeup on, I was like 'aik, xda makeup, ouh damn' backstage .. XD lol ..
assume ja la time muda2 konon .. hahahahha

Afiq said...

Haha~! Thanks Deafey!

Great work, all of you, especially you. You alone acted as Macdepp, wow... must be pressured to do your best! ^^ It worked!!! >.<

You know an irony? I actually saw that you didn't have any make-up in the video, but I couldn't make a connection with the real you on the stage, with beard... Haha.

Perhaps, only hawk-eyed people would realise the problem... Haha... [I'll will use your assumption then... Haha]

Afiq said...

[I'LL WILL...] That's awkward... Haha

Nadirah Jannah said...

@Abg Im : Hmm, your name will be on my list. :P

Hehe. (^^)