Tuesday, 17 May 2011

What's a Cardigan again?

Not a Belieber, but I’m so in love with this shirt after watching

When it comes to fashion, it is something that I’m so not savvy about. I have plenty of hard times on deciding the types of clothes that I want to buy. Trousers and other lower garments? There are not so many shops that sell those with the waist the size of 26. Shirts and ‘T’s? I bought lots that are way bigger than me, because I’m thin, and I thought to look bigger, than I need bigger clothes that cover almost two thirds of me.

So, I’m wrong. I’m thin, and the real thing is to embrace our body shapes. Even if you’re bulky, big, small, petite, well-built, lean, tall, short, the thing is there are ways to dress the best you can. Here in KK, I can say that I learnt numerous things about what I should really wear from my friends – small-sized shirts for thin person are better, rolled sleeves, and not to restrict the choices to chequer-patterned shirts. There are good cardigans [eyeing for one now, and yeah, I only knew what's a cardigan two months ago] and other kinds of clothing for men [and women].

If you dress good, it will bring goodness to yourselves right? I really believe in that. No need to be too expensive, at least the garments are comfortable and beautiful to you [and to the others really], it’s not like you’re going to be a model somehow. Good sense of fashion boosts your level of confidence and motivation. It’s for your own happiness, and you don’t want to be seen with the same outfit 24/7 for 365 day per year. Haha.

[Then again, I still need fashion advices, and… uh… save money to buy some clothes... haha]

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Ibrahim Ismail said...

and you don’t want to be seen with the same outfit 24/7 for 365 day per year.

*oops, so gonna grab a new pair! HAHA. I've good taste in fashion, or so I thought but I don't find the necessity to get a new one.

Afiq said...

Haha... Not all the time la... You can buy new clothes once in a while. ^^

I think you have a good taste. There are many clothes that suit guys like you. >.<