Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Map of Trengganu

Finally after a number of rounds around KK's bookstores, I managed to grab my hands on the book that I had been searching/waiting/wishing for…

A Map of Trengganu.

It’s a memoir written by UK-based blogger Awang Goneng, which tells us about his life in Trengganu during the 50s/60s, and his opinions regarding to the rapid developments of Terengganu nowadays. It’s hard not to admire how life can be so lively and full of colour back then, a time when Trengganu was just a sleepy hollow and was left out from the progress of the rest of the peninsular.

Awang Goneng's English is superb [not a surprise... he lives in UK] and he throws many words [both in English and Trengganuspeak] that are new to me, and like any other Terengganuese, he is able to blend in much Trengganuspeak without difficulties. The tales can be really intriguing, and comedic, or make you smile, or perhaps have some of your own old memories come to life.

A Map of Trengganu is indeed a great read [and actually, I haven’t finished it yet! Haha].

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