Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Emotion Combustion

If you accept the apology of another person, you’re making a promise of not using that person’s past sins against him.

Problems can be solved in many ways – good or bad. The choice is up to us. Don’t use any silent treatment. Sit down, talk, and listen. Saying sorry is not a sign that one is weak, and for the other one, who receives the apology, it’s not an approval of victory. Sometimes, both parties have enlarged ego, thinking that they are right. What if both are actually wrong? There’s nothing cool about sticking up your nose to the air in the effort to prove that you are the correct one, and the other is the mistaken one.

And [don’t start a sentence with ‘and’, grammar rule… haha], there’s nothing cool about being a person who tries to flame the others. If you don’t know the real problem, it’s better to stick to your own business. If you really want to help someone else, be a person that encourages people to forgive and care for each other again, not to exaggerate on the wrongdoings and enrages the affected person even higher. Think properly. You will not get anything by doing that. Instead, you’re creating yourself another enemy, and loathing from the others. If you’re mature, you know that when we’re living in a community like this, there should not be any rumble, physically or verbally or emotionally. There’s nothing great by making friends to hate each other.

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