Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Graffiti Ruin

If you happen to go to KK’s Suria Sabah [a shopping mall] or at least drive by the main road in front of it, you will definitely see a ruin in front of it. We call it Graffiti Ruin since it is covered with graffiti, real cool, dope graffiti.

From the look of that building, one might think that the building is nothing important, but it is a historical building actually, a colonial building that has stand ever since the time of Jesselton. The ruin is actually the old welfare building. The building survived the WWII bombings, but it was razed by fire [alleged to be the act of arson] in 1992. Fairly recent if you think of it. Why? Any conspiracies? Hurmmm…

What's 'antu gonie'?

Yes, anyone of 900,000 people of KK district did this



Bunny with a heart

A decree from the Chinese emperor [yeah, right!]

Quite scary... haha

Inspired by your favourite Kadazan-Dusun girl?


Du guo

Anyway, most KK-ians [or Jesseltonians… ahaha] would possibly never notice that building if the graffiti were not painted. For one, the graffiti is a mixed blessing. Now, many people take photos there, but again, most of them don’t have the knowledge of that historical building. Historical buffs acknowledged this building to be one of very few colonial building in KK a.k.a. Jesselton, a city where many of its historical features were destroyed for the sake of development. It’s a pity really for a city that was built around 1890s. I just hope that the city administration will take care of the rest of the Jesselton’s heritages

[News: save Atkinson Clock Tower, one of the last vestiges of old Jesselton. It deserves a proper treatment from DBKK.]

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Nadirah Jannah said...

I never knew the history of the ruin until my mother told me. Hoho. I'm in love with the graffiti. XD

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Thought it's some abandoned building turned into graffiti walls for the sake of tourism! Thanks for the enlightenment, no wonder you enjoy going to the cinema!

Afiq said...

Ummi: I'm glad that your mother told you about that building. ^^ Beautiful right?

Im: The graffiti does give the building the attention from the locals/foreigners alike. ^^ What's with the cinema? Haha... [Most of the time, I watch movies in Growball... >.<]

Nadirah Jannah said...

Yup! I should be glad to know the history. I only thought that building as something ordinary.

Hehe. It's a beauty indeed. I like the art so much. Oh, if only I can get myself a self capture moment there, it will be BETTER!