Saturday, 21 May 2011

Matters to the Heart

I presume that when it comes to love, we can be totally unprepared, not just one time, but too many times. It’s like you can’t control the times when you feel like your heart is beating for someone else, someone who is not your family. Someone who you have seen just now or maybe your friend for a long time but that feeling just emerges today, in this moment.

Matters to the heart can be a thing too important to one person, more so than the next person sitting beside him in the bus. Being single is fun maybe, but then there will be a time when you want someone else’s affection. Someone else that can make you feel wanted, happy, joyful.

Still, falling in love is a hard thing, beautiful, but hard. You watch that person pass by you day after day, talk to you, laugh with you, yet you are unsure. This is an uncharted territory. Even if you have the experience with love before, it’s not the same. Each person is a different adventure. You have two choices: do you want to say ‘I think I love you’ to that person, or do you just let it go because you think if you do that, then all of a sudden, comes that hard goodbye. You are never ready for the consequences. You can fall down on a comfy mattress, or a concrete I might put it that way.

Awkward choices.

Love is priceless, but too many people nowadays just look at it as something to be played upon. One day, you say ‘I love you’ to one girl, and the next, you may break up with her, or end up with another one [maybe happens in drama only?]. What if you look upon this feeling as nothing? Here it comes, and there it goes – you only love someone for the pleasure that someone gives to you. Someone who you can take advantages of. Love is not lust. Lust is the animal instinct, and all of us have it. The real thing, the real love is nothing about lust, well, not directly.

Love is when two people accept each other, no matter how large their differences are. They accept the past mistakes, never to be brought up again. They celebrate their strengths. They learn to rectify the weaknesses that they have together. Love is the thing that keeps people to stay strong together forever regardless of the hardship that they go through.

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