Thursday, 19 May 2011

Time to Heal is the Time You Lose

Look around you. You have everything: family, friends, a chance to pursue your education to be a good citizen, and of course, your laptop/books/exam. Heck, you still have the ability to breathe, see, taste, listen, feel, smell, and dream.

Still, just because of one problem [maybe related to a girl or a guy? I don’t know], you want to be emotional and sad and mad for like the rest of your entire existence? I don’t want to criticise or slam others, but this is the thing that I’ve been seeing. Rant after rant of ‘my life is equal to the f-word’, ‘my life is destined to be doomed’, my life this, my life that.

Hey, realise will you? Everyone has problems, hard or easy, long or short, that depends on the fates that God has written for us. I have problem, he has one, she has one, and they have dozens. Yes, a problem can be hard, especially if it involves matters connected to the hearts, but if you are so not happy for a very long time, it seems that you have a real issue there.

You are not content with your life.

All you see in front of you are the things that are stopping you from stepping forward. Your life, it matters and it has other countless pleasures. Why bother for things not meant for you. We are not born to get anything that we want anyway. You see, a dilemma can be solved, but if that stuff can’t be solved directly, then other alternatives maybe? Try to be happy. Don’t blame yourself, don’t blame others. It’s okay to be sad in the beginning, but later, you got to move on.

People say time will heal a broken heart, but in that wait to heal, you might have lost beautiful things that never wait for you.

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Pinku no Ichigo Yuki said...

exactly!! i always have those kinda thoughts in mind.

ZeLL~LeaH said...

well said!~ hoho

Nadirah Jannah said...

couldn't agree more than that. somehow, people tend to hold onto their dark past life and never see a brighter side of the life.

Afiq said...

Kak Yuki: Ada ging... xD~

Zell: Thank you~! ^^

Ummi: That's the truth. Moving forward is hard after a fall, but if you wait for too long, imagine the good things you've waste.